Decorative Brackets for your porch.

Choose your decorative brackets for your porch or veranda from our standard dimensions or order your brackets with your specified dimensions. 

Bracket 001

Bracket 002

Bracket 003

Bracket 004

Bracket 003 B

Bracket 007B

Bracket 008

Bracket 008B

Bracket 014

Bracket 009

Bracket 010

Bracket 007

Bracket 020

Bracket 021

Bracket 015

Bracket 012

Bracket 013 Upright

Bracket 013 Overhead

Bracket 005

Bracket 030

   Special orders

To get a customized console, railing or other woodwork is not much -if at all - more expensive than our standard models.
The positive side for us is that your "specials" can be a new model in our range.

Bracket 011

Bracket 031

Bracket 006

Bracket 060

Bracket 090

Bracket 091

Bracket 095

Bracket 096

Bracket 097

Decorative brackets for your porch or veranda from our standard dimensions or order your brackets with your specified dimensions. Brackets, Bracket, House Decoration, House Decorations, Balusters, Gable Decorations, Railings, Banisters, from Sweden, Swedish houses, Gaveldekor, Gingerbread, gingerbread-house