Skirting boards & mouldings

With us, you will find a large selection of skirting boards and floor plinths, offering old-fashioned, classic, Nordic, and contemporary styles designed to create an turn-of-the-century vibe. Our skirting boards and floor plinths are seamlessly match the styles of our decorative moldings, ceiling moldings, and window trims. Explore our wide range of skirting boards and floor plinths for rustic wooden floors.

Skirting boards in Classic and Swedish Traditional Style - Hälsingestil
Classical styles that offers the turn-of-the-century feeling are often known by various names. One such style is the Hälsingestil, a Swedish traditional cottage style originating from the Hälsingland region. We offer a range of skirting boards and floor plinths in this style, as well as other designs from the Jugend period, characterized by typical Swedish romanticism and classic traditional aesthetics.

Height & width of skirting and plinth boards in Classic Style

Tailor the height and width of skirtings and plinths to match the dimensions of the room. For spacious areas, opt for taller skirtings boards, ranging from 145 to 170 mm, while smaller rooms benefit from shorter and narrower skirting boards. Enhance the visual aesthetics of skirting boards or floor plinths by coordinating them with appropriate decor and wooden wall trims.
We offer unique skirting and plinth board profiles as well as standard dimensions like 95x21, 120x21, 145x21, and more. If you require a custom model or wish to place a special order based on an existing dimensions of your skirting and plinth boards, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Made in Sweden

Our skirting boards and floor plinths are manufactured in a small factory in Sala, Västmanland, approx. 90 minutes from Stockholm and 45 minutes from Uppsala - not far from Dalarna.

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