Wood Molding in Nordic Cottage & Vintage Style

Here, you will find elegant moldings (also known as mouldings, architrave, covering, casing) and skirting boards, such as window trims, door trims, and floor plinth. They are used for the bottom and top of walls, window frames, and door frames, offering an old cottage style that gives a turn-of-the-century, warm, and luxury feel, commonly found in Victorian houses. If you're renovating and aiming to recreate the ambiance with old wood moldings, we offer customization options tailored to your measurements. For those building new houses and seeking a vintage look with minimalist appeal popular in the 1800s, our Allmogelist models (a Nordic cottage house style) are available upon request.

Unique Nordic Cottage Style moulding you won't find everywhere

With extensive experience in recreating numerous decorative moldings such as skirting boards, window trims, and door trims, we offer a wide range of Nordic cottage molding styles from the 1800s to the 1900s.

Combine wall trim moldings with skirting boards

A simple method to elevate the skirting boards is by installing a narrow chair rail, positioned 10-30 cm above the floor plinth. This involves fitting a piece of wood between the skirting board and wall trim, followed by painting all the moldings in the same color. It's an easy way to visually enhance the height of the skirting board.

Lower the ceiling with ceiling moldings together with wall trims

By mounting a narrow wall trim below the ceiling molding, it lowers the ceiling, giving a wonderful Nordic cottage atmosphere of warmth and coziness that reminds you of the Christmas spent in the countryside. Combining two different decorative moldings in different sizes also does a lot for the classic impression of the turn of the century.

Special customization for Nordic cottage style

We have fulfilled numerous special orders for unique wooden moldings tailored to very old houses, log cabins, and cottages dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. If you need to renovate and replicate existing wooden architraves, we're here to assist you. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Choice of size for skirting boards and plinth for floor lining and wall trimming

To achieve a cohesive interior and outdoor style, opt for a wider frame for double doors or patio doors and a narrower window trim for the window frame. This creates a balanced, symmetric, harmonious, luxurious, and warmly authentic Nordic cottage-style look.

Order online and have the products delivered to your door, or pick them up yourself. The facility is located in Sala, Västmanland. It is important that you contact us before your visit so that we ensure the wood moldings you ordered are ready in stock. 

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