Brackets & Corbels

Victorian house decoration with ornaments, lace and portico fretwork in many varieties and sizes. Old fashioned carpentry with gingerbread trim for porches and verandas. Find your favorite arch bracket from our wide selection!

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Classical carpentry in old-fashioned turn-of-the-century and victorian style for the veranda, patio or front porch. Decorative wooden knee braces, braces and corbels in many varieties and sizes.

More about brackets and Corbels 

Would you like to design a veranda, balcony or terrace in Victorian, Swedish and Scandinavian style? Here you will find a large selection of corner consoles and decorative corner gables that can be attached to the left and right of the pillars and cornice. The frieze brackets are also used as eave brackets.

The ornate decorative wooden corners enhance the exterior of the house and add charm and uniqueness. The corner ornaments are available in different sizes , patterns and woodwork.

In Victorian architecture, brackets and corbels are commonly used to support or adorn features such as balconies, porches and eaves. Brackets are typically curved with ornaments that extend from the wall to visualize support of an overhanging structure. Corbels are wider brackets that provide decorative embellishment. 

Other decorative elements such as pediments, friezes, and cornices are also commonly used in Victorian house decoration, providing ornate detailing and grandeur to the façade. Pilasters and finials are often used to give the illusion of structural support, adding further complexity and detail.

A tip is to have a look at the matching bracket buddies.

Browse through our selection of wooden brackets and find the right decorative wooden ornament for your house and achieve vintage curb appeal!

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