Order special designs of Victorian carpentry

Do you want to recreate old ornament or bring out your own models that you've created yourself, or found online or in other photos? Then we can help you.

You can also send us a drawing, sketch, photo, or anything else we can use as a basis when we prepare a proposal for you.

A typical Swedish Victorian green house with a porch and a lot of trim and moulding - wooden brackets - Red windows inspired by the turn of the century and 19th-century Jugendstil - Gaveldekor

Customer project

Here you see a tasteful special order from sketch to finished result.

Step 1: Measure, sketch and email us a picture or drawing.

Step 2: We draw a proof for you to approve

We can also illustrate the intended decoration of your particular house.

Scaling up or down of our standard models

If you wish to buy one of our standard models customized in size, the price is in line with our regular prices. You always get an exact price before you decide.

What does it cost?

Special orders – we like that! Getting a custom-made woodenbracket, railing or other house decoration depends on how detailed and extensive your desire is.

Delivery time

Approximately 2-4 weeks depending of how advanced the decoration is.

Special brackets

A 100-year-old photograph of the house to be restored and part of an earlier bracket from the same building.

Here, based on images, we have recreated a new console with inspiration from the original design.
You can find this model here

Träkonsol 091 - dekorativ konsol i trä till farstukvist & veranda

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