Installing wooden railings for patios and verandas

Here you will find instructions and tips on how to install your patio railing as well as how to treat and paint for best durability.

A safe and stylish railing

There is good advice and rules to follow when deciding the height of a railing. If you are going to build a balcony railing with a high drop height, you should plan so that it does not fall below 110 cm. But how do you get it in style?

In the past, balcony railings and fences were low so as not to disturb the view. But with double handrails or crossbars, the wooden railing can be made safe, stylish and classic - and you don't have to choose such high balusters.

Railing with double hand railings

Here we show an example of an extra lintel mounted between the corner and middle posts in order to be able to choose a lower height for the baluster.

It is also fine to put the upper railing on top of the post. A further option is to use a steel pipe between the posts in the same colour.


Handrails and crossbars are available in many different profiles and you can buy them from well-stocked builders' merchants.

Underlays can be advantageously made yourself where you make the top and bottom with a few degrees slope for good water drainage.

Visible part - delivery dimensions & dimensions of our balusters

At the top and bottom, you get them delivered with an additional 5 cm to facilitate assembly and to be able to cut to the right length.

If you have chosen a railing with a height of 70 cm, it will therefore be delivered with a length of 80 cm.

You can have the dimensions adjusted both in width and height based on your requirements. Read more about individually adjusted balusters here.

Calculate the height of the finished railing

Here we show two examples of choosing a railing with a visible part of 70 or 85 cm.

Paint & treat wooden railing

That you prime properly is of great importance. Apply the primer fluidly and carefully, preferably with a brush. A small roller can help.

NOTE: We recommend a brush over a paint sprayer.

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