Special orders

Do you want to restore the original woodwork or develop your own ? Something you found online ?  We will help you!

What does it cost?

To get a customized console, railing or other woodwork is not much -if at all - more expensive than our standard models

The positive side for us is that your "specials" can be a new model in our range.

Scaling up or down of our standard models

If you wish to buy one of our standard models customized in size,  the price is in line with our regular prices. You always get an exact price before you decide.

We do not charge for the time it takes to adjust the size.


For inspiration:
- Google images
- Pinterest
- Instagram
- Newspapers, books, etc.

You can also send us a drawing, sketch, photo, or something else for us to use while developing a proposal for you.

So feel free to contact us for a proposal!

Delivery times

Approximately 2-3 weeks. 

A 100-year-old photo of a house to be restored.

A part of the original bracket from the same house.

This bracket is recreated from an image of the original design.
This model can be found here