Mounting & painting your house decoration

Here you will find instructions and tips on how to mount your house decoration as well as how to treat and paint it for best durability.

Installing mounting brackets

A common way is to use glue.


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Installing balusters

Here we have collected everything to do with the installation of wooden balcony railings.

Montera räcke från Gaveldekor

Installing gable fretwork and gable pediments

Here we have gathered information about the installation of gable ornaments and millwork.

Montera nockdekor

Installation of running trim & verge boards

Montering vindskivedekor GAVELDEKOR
Montering vindskivedekor GAVELDEKOR

Painting your house decoration

That you prime properly is of great importance. Apply the primer fluidly and carefully, preferably with a brush. A small roller can help.

NOTE: We recommend a brush over a paint sprayer.