Window and door trim & moulding

We offer selected traditional Victorian style window and door trims for interior decoration. Our turn-of-the-century wooden moldings and architraves are ideal for indoor window and door frames, providing a classic touch to your home. Our wide range includes traditional, stylish, and contemporary architraves designed to complement floor moldings, ceiling moldings, and decorative wall molding trims.

Decorative windows and doors architraves - indoors and outdoors

Decorative molding and architraves for windows and doors are linings and trims that can be used to frame the windows and doors, giving it a classic, old-fashioned and aesthetic style, creating a nice transition between wall and window. These architraves are also known as window linings or window trims, door linings or door trims for interior decoration. 

Blending classic and stylish aesthetic - Victorian and Swedish Cottage styles

Our wooden window architraves and trims come in a variety of profiles and shapes, including Pear Trims, French Window Trims, Classic Trims, and Old-fashioned Trims. They are customizable to match your home's style, whether you desire an old, classic, traditional, vintage, modern, luxurious, or stylish appearance. We offer a range of moldings for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Plinth and Rosette blocks

A wooden plinth block, rosette blocks, or corner blocks are commonly used to decorate the area between skirting boards, architraves, and trims  in a Victorian style houses. They serve to reduce potential damage by absorbing the moisture during the cleanings of door arthitraves and trims with water. Instead of door molding, a plinth block is installed at the bottom.

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