Victorian decoration & running trim for eaves & bargeboards.

Running trim 034 - A red house with victorian decoration for eaves & bargeboards from Swedish GaveldekorDecorate your houses eaves, bargeboards & vergeboards with classic running trim. Many styles and variations.


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Victorian decoration for eaves & vergeboards. Running trim with classic & gingerbread trim is mounted under the lowest bargboard or across the lowest parts of the houses roof.

With our artfully crafted running trim, you can give the roof side on your house a very special touch. The running trim are mounted on the windboards and give the roof and the entire house a romantic touch.

In traditional house construction, victorian running trims were once widespread in many regions of Europe – including Scandinavia. In the meantime, many builders are rediscovering the special design value. Discover our rich selection of different patterns. Have fun!