Ceiling moulding

Crown moldings are wooden panels moldings made for ceiling decor. We feature a blend of designs that include Swedish Traditional Style Crown Moldings, French Crown Moldings. Both fit into the typical classic, turn-of-the-century floors, reflecting the essence of Swedish romanticism and modern aesthetics. Our ceiling moldings seamlessly blend with our decorative moldings, skirting boards, and window trims.

About our crown moldings for ceiling

Our wooden crown moldings are carefully selected to reflect the style, design and patterns found in turn-of-the-century floors and houses, typically from the 1850s to the 1930s. These panels and turn-of-the-century moldings are made from knot-free pine catering to those who cherishes an authentic Swedish traditional wood materials, particularly for stucco and moldings.

Choose model and style

Selecting the appropriate crown moldings for the ceiling can draw attention to the style or design of the ceiling or wall, enhancing the overall appearance of your rooms. You can choose from different sizes of our ceiling molding profiles to alter the perception of the room's size and ceiling height.

Tips to combine with other decorative moldings

Install decorative moldings and wall trim, such as wall panels or chair rails, slightly below the ceiling molding panels to create an increased sense of height and the illusion of elongated walls.

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