Victorian Sawn balusters for porch & balustrade

Kategoribild Racke UtvaldShop patterned wood railing and victorian sawn balusters for porticos, deck railings and balconies. Old fashioned carpentry with classic gingerbread balustrade & trim for porches and verandas.

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Victorian sawn baluster and pickets for portico, porch, deck railing, decking and balcony. Old fashioned carpentry with gingerbread balustrade & trim for porches and verandas for new and old houses! Porch skirting and porch lattice for historic Victorian homes in many variants.

Build a classic and old-fashioned porch fence, a beautiful porch or a stair railing in an old-fashioned style and with carpentry joy! Order stylish balcony railings and stair railings for your balcony and front porch based on our standard measurements or with exact measurements

You can also get a new patio railing and fence from your own templates and requests for carpentry joy and wood patterns.

All models are made of wood and materials for outdoor use and are often seen on swiss and alpine houses.