Bracket 015 – Decorative wooden corbel and brace

A classic wooden bracket, corbel and brace in Victorian style with ornaments and an arch shaped gingerbread pattern to decorate your house, porch and veranda. Made in Sweden.

If you wish to use the bracket as a wall bracket or shelf bracket, it needs to be pre-drilled to then put in a suitable screw for the wall, fill up the hole and paint it in a desired colour.


Choosing size and dimension
Choosing size and dimension

Here we show some examples that can help you choose the right size for your consoles.

Something that feels large in the hand often “”shrinks”” visually when it ends up on the facade and the house.

A tip is that you calculate the size of a bracket with the height of the column divided by approximately 6.5 and you will have the appropriate width of the bracket. (In this example 225/6.5 ≈ 35 cm)

Here we show an example of the size for some consoles on a porch with an example measurement of 225 cm.

Still unsure? – Ask us and we’ll help you.

Custom dimension

You can also order your brackets & corbels based on your own desired measurements and dimensions. Here you will find the page for special orders.

Mounting & Installation

Installed most easily with construction adhesive, e.g. Illbruk PL 800 or equivalent.

Product information
To paint and treat

Information on how to paint and treat can be found here:

Delivery information

Normal delivery time 14 – 20 days as we manufacture everything to order.

Are you in a hurry? Get in touch and we will try to help with a faster delivery.

We use DHL as a carrier

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