Baluster 030 – Decorative wooden fence picket

Victorian sawn baluster for portico, porch, deck railing and balcony. Old fashioned carpentry with gingerbread balustrade & trim for porches and verandas. This baluster is available as standard in 4 different heights to suit safety and style.


Number of balusters needed per running meter of railing


The wooden baluster in the picture shows the visible part. It is therefore delivered with an additional 5 cm of material at the top and bottom.


Do you need more than 5 running meters of railing balusters? Contact us for a quote.


IMPORTANT to know before ordering

The dimensions refer to the visible part. You can find more about sizes and delivery measurements here.

You can order your balusters in exact measurements or order directly based on our standard measurements.

Keep in mind that you need to supplement with handrail and base rail, which you can find at well-stocked building supply retailers.

Installing balusters

Here you can read more about how to assemble your wooden fence

Symmetrical & neat

Having to split a baluster to fit between the posts is not pretty. If you can’t find the right width from our standard sizes, we’ll help you adjust the width of the baluster individually to fit perfectly between the posts.

Balusters for stairs?

If you need a wooden balusters for your stairs, the pattern needs to be shifted. Offset is determined by the slope of the stairs. Read more about stair railings

Height of balcony railing?

Just as appearance is important, safety is at least as important. Old balcony and patio railings from the past were often low so as not to disturb the view.

A tip to reach today’s standard of safety is to supplement with another handrail over the end posts. Here you can read more about hight of balcony railing

More about railings & wooden fences

Choosing a baluster can be difficult as it makes such a big difference to the feel of the house. Sometimes you want it more rustic, sometimes romantic or classic with a New England feel.

If you want help to see how your house looks with a new railing with carpentry joy, we can make an illustration for you

Custom dimension

Do you need an exact measurement? You can also place your order based on your own desired measurements and dimensions.

Here you can read more about special measurements and special designs

Product information
To paint and treat

Information on how to paint and treat can be found here:

Delivery information

Normal delivery time 10-14 days as we manufacture everything to order.

Are you in a hurry? Get in touch and we will try to help with a faster delivery.

We use DHL as a carrier.